Friday Four Season 3 Game 1

If it wasn’t so, what would it be then?
It would be what ever you make out of it.

When was the last time you simply paused for a few moments to take in everything that is seriously great about our world?
Am I supposed to be doing this?  Taking in everything sounds like a really big project.

If you were given one song of your choice and one song only to play in the ‘air around’ you when you went out outside for walking or exercising or on your way to wherever or whatever … what would that song be?

We have healthy mentalness, well-being and mindfulness and they have been with us for many a year as terminology – but also sometimes and quite oft forgotten is ‘kindliness’ – aka the art of being kind to yourself … when was the last time you practiced being kind to you and what was it that you did or were doing?
I eat, sleep, watch TV and write and all of these are acts of kindness.

Written for Rory’s Friday Four.

11 thoughts on “Friday Four Season 3 Game 1

  1. I take a look around every now and then…I try to look at the positive. It can always get worse. My main thing is not to watch the news…ever.

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      1. Yea that looks really cool…I need to see that. That place and London in the mid-sixties were two of the greatest musical places to be.

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