False Flag

I remember hearing about pirates that would fly a different flag to disguise their identity and this would let them get closer to other ships so they could attack them.  Representative Greene the one who was just thrown off the committees the other day had said the Parkland school shooting was a false flag.  She indicated that this incident only happened to make it easier for others to take guns away from others.  I am all for taking guns away from people who don’t actually need them, as if there were less guns around and they were harder to get, everyone would be much safer.  There was a time and a place for the Second Amendment (Right to bear arms) and that was in Colonial times and the Wild West, but we should act more civilized now and get some of these crazed gun nuts off the streets.

I wonder if a woman who wears false eyelashes could that be considered as sending out a false flag, but then if it makes her feel better about herself and it gives her more confidence, and since it seems harmless, then I guess not and I am all for it.  Anything that has to do with cosmetics or fashion is most likely going to be an improvement, so if people want to look more glamorous that is a good thing.  Of course, this can go too far reaching the stage of vanity to consume people’s souls, but my motto has always been, if it feels good, then do it.

One more false flag of hope before I go.  Last night was my 50th High School Class reunion, but it was virtual, because of the pandemic.  Only one other guy besides me signed up and I saw that a girl signed up also.  I knew the guy mostly from the senior class trip where we rode on the same bus together to get to the Poconos, but we were not really friends.  The girl may have been in a few classes that I was in, but I don’t really know much about her.  Anyway, the guy just underwent heart surgery and he posted a message that he probably wouldn’t be able to make it and I was the only one there at the reunion.  I have never been good at keeping up with old friends and with the Covid, it is impossible to make any new friends, but I guess all I really need is to be happy.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday where this week’s prompt is “flag”.

17 thoughts on “False Flag

    1. I went to the 15th reunion and everybody seemed to be talking to my wife and ignoring me, which didn’t seem right, as she went to a different school. I guess you would have to travel across the whole country to get to one of yours Paula.

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  1. Interesting series of thoughts! I can’t work out in my head if Greene believes the *excrement* she spouts or if she’s just amoral and knows that “crazy sells.” It’s sure disturbing she has enough fans to have been voted in though!
    I like trains (a little bit of the remnants of little boy me that remains) and for some reason, the serious fans call disappeared railways (usually merged into bigger ones) “Fallen Flags.”

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      1. there are a lot of them (train songs).
        Interesting thoughts on guns too. I always wonder why, oh why, hasn’t anyone suggested to the “Second Amendment” fans… ‘yeah, your second amendment was the second CHANGE to the Constitution! the founding fathers knew their work had to change with the times.So the second amendment that worked in the 19th Century may need amending now for the 21st!” Back when it was written, guns were muskets, Indians and Europeans were at war much of the time, even a Bostonian might walk out of his door to face a bear or cougar and there were no municipal police forces (ergo – “militia”?) yet to protect one from robbers, rapists or other ne’er do wells. Times have changed since then…

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  2. I’ve been to two in person class reunions. Both were somewhat uncomfortable. Maybe friendships will become more virtual. I’m with you on the guns. We should be more civilized by now.

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    1. I didn’t like the one that I attended, but I figured after the 50th there is nothing left, so I was a bit excited till nobody showed up. It is the people that don’t need to own guns that bothers me, and the automatic weapons that are just crazy.

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