Simba the White Lioness

Jim was singing his favorite song as he approached Simba’s cage, “Lions and tigers and bears, oh my”.  He liked Judy Garland, but Jim was a veterinarian that specialized in brushing the teeth of zoo animals and Simba was due for her cleaning today.  Jim approached Simba with his giant tooth brush and started singing, “Who’s a scary lion, Simba from Marimba, please open your mouth wide, as I need to to put my toothbrush inside.  Your teeth look as sharp as a razor and I hope that I don’t need to use my taser.”  Simba was very well behaved and Jim finished up in no time and went to clean the teeth on Max the sealion who required weekly teeth brushing.  Max always had a bad case of fish breath, but once he gets a thorough spray of mouth wash, he’s ready for brushing.

Jim knew that his job could be dangerous and it takes a lot of courage to be around wild animals, because you can never be certain what they will do.  When Jim first started in this profession, he learned that drinking a tiny bit of alcohol would give him the confidence to do things that he otherwise be too scared to do and he discovered this magic drink called Kahlúa that always did the trick for him.  It was perfect, as it would not make his breath smell like beer, or wine, or any other hard booze and when he mixed it with some coffee ice cream and milk, it made the perfect shake.  Jim looked forward to this treat every day at lunch time.

The break room had a BIG WIN 3-reel slot machine to keep all the employees amused.  Jim worked at a zoo just outside of Vegas and slot machines were just about anywhere you looked, but over the years most of the simple threereel slots have virtually disappeared.  The casinos have their slot machines set to pay out an average of 90 percent, so the ordinary player will lose 10 cents from each dollar they play, but this was a company run machine and it was set for 100% payout, so Jim played here a lot.  Jim had a lucky pull today, playing the maximum number of quarters which was four, the 777 resulted in a payout of 1,000 quarters.  Jim smiled and he started singing again, “Lions and tigers and bears, and oh my I just won 250 smackers”.

Written for Paula’s Tuesday Story 9 challenge.

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