This Is It

I’m glad that Covid-19 took my grandfather quickly and he didn’t have to be on a ventilator.  He was a life-long Republican, he planned on donating this land to Mike Pence, so he would have a place to live after the election, but all that changed with the Capitol insurrection and now it is ours.  Our nearest neighbor is 50 miles away, but there are QAnon nuts in the area, so we will have to be on guard when we go into town.  This is the perfect place to build our home and we will have this magnificent view.

Written for the Sue Vincent Rodeo Classic at the Carrot Ranch which asks you to write 99 words, or 99 syllables, no more, no less using the photo above as a prompt.

8 thoughts on “This Is It

  1. Hello – I’m H.R.R. Gorman, and I just noticed the pingback. Did you intend to submit this to the contest? The rules state it must be unpublished work, and that includes blog posts. The reason we do this is because entries are judged blind, so judges shouldn’t have opportunity to see the posts beforehand. Let me know if you need more info or clarification, and thanks for stopping by!

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      1. No problem. If you have problems with the submission form, let me know and I can help. I’m just the judge who counts words, anonymizes, and checks for racism, sexism, or very unsavory content, so technically I get to see the names, haha.

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      2. Actually I did have a problem with your submission form, as after I entered my name, email and website and the Title + Byline and my 99-word story and hit the submit button a message popped up saying it was closed.


      3. Let me know when you are awake and if I have to take this post down to follow your rules, I will. PS I am not interested in the prize money and if by chance I did win, I would want it to go to Sue Vincent. Also when your site closed down on me, I was not able to make my $5 donation.

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      4. The post should be back up.

        Either way, I’ve taken the story you have here and put it in the list of entries. If you take down the post (even if just until the winners are announced), that’ll be good enough.

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