Running a Red Light

I have to back up a bit, because the title of this post reflects the end of the story, well very close to the end.  My friend Henry had a bag of chocolate mescaline and he shared some with me.  He asked me why I never brought my girlfriend around, as he said that he had heard about her and he would like to meet her someday.  I never introduced Debbie to anyone, because she lived in another town, she worked nights and when we got together it was mostly in motel rooms for adult activities.  Henry understood after I told him, but he wanted to know if Debbie had any friends, that he could meet.  I never talked to Debbie about any of her friends, well at least not at this point in our relationship, but I told Henry that I would ask for him.

I picked Debbie up after work that night, her shift ended at midnight and I told her about Henry and his bag of mescaline and him wondering if she had any friends that he could meet.  She said that this girl Yolanda would probably go for it and that we should pick both of them up the following night.  Henry was excited that I had got him a date sort of, and we were in the parking lot when Debbie and Yolanda got out of work.  Debbie made the introductions and said that Yolanda was going to drive her to her house, so she could change her clothes and that we should follow them there.  Henry was happy because Yolanda looked really fine and he was wondering if he was going to get lucky.

We followed them to the center of town and they went through this yellow light and I stayed on their bumper, but the light turned red while I was in the intersection.  It was unfortunate for me that a police car was waiting for the light to change and he saw me run the light.  I had been pulled over many times before and I knew how to talk to cops, so I told Henry to be cool as I pulled over to the side of the road because the police were flashing their lights and running their siren.  Henry was always a bit of a space cadet and he starts fumbling around, looking for a place to hide his mescaline and the cops were watching him as he was fidgeting around.  One officer came up to my window and asked me for my licence, registration and insurance card, while the other officer went to henry’s window and said, “What are you hiding boy?”

I already mentioned that Henry was a space cadet, but I couldn’t believe it when he said, “Here is my mescaline”, and he hands it over to the cop.  We were arrested, taken to the police station and while we were behind bars, the cops searched my car and found a roach (the remains of a joint) in my ashtray.  It was late so we both stayed in jail all night, but the next morning I called my friend Rudy who paid the money to bail us out.  This was not my first arrest, so I hired a lawyer to represent me at my trial.  This guy was pretty good and he got me off from the possession of marijuana charge, because he discovered that all of the evidence was used up in testing to determine if it was marijuana and he said that since there was no evidence that the police did not have a case against me.

I felt bad for Henry, but since this was his first arrest, he got off with 6 months’ probation.  He never got to meet Yolanda, but at least he never asked me to set him up on any more dates.  I had to pay the lawyer, and the fine for running the red light and I may have got some points on my driving record, but life goes on and you can’t go back to the beginning and start over.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday where this week’s prompt is “the beginning, the end”, where we are supposed to write about the beginning of something and the end of something and we can get bonus points if our first sentence contains “the end” and our last sentence contains “the beginning.”

7 thoughts on “Running a Red Light

  1. I could always tell when my brother-in-law had been smoking weed in his car. It stank to high heaven….and even made me feel high. I only ask him for a lift if I can’t get anybody else!

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  2. Deceased hubby smoked weed in the car. That’s partially why we had TWO cars, and he was forbidden from smoking in mine as I didn’t indulge. Plus I told him (because he was partial to hoarding his roaches in the ashtray) that if we were ever busted, I’d totally throw him under the bus and he could expect divorce papers afterward. Mescaline hmm? You were a party boy in your day, weren’t you? Now if this is purely fiction? Well you got me again didn’t ya?

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  3. I never tried mescaline…is it hallucinogenic? Sounds like a wild night Jim…I feel weak…I just got pulled over for going 10 miles under the speed limit…today….no lie…My story is boring!

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