The Sidestepper

“Leave me alone,” she snapped, juking around around him on the sidewalk and hurrying away with a quick clack of heels.  She was a master at deception and she had played plenty of football with her brothers, so she was used to evading tacklers.  They called her the sidestepper, as once she had the ball, she was a master at the head and body fake, making everyone think that she would run one way, then she planted her foot and went in the opposite direction.  She practiced the “Stutter Step” or “Shake and Bake” move in her dance classes and she learned to incorporate several spinning moves and jumps in her routine, that would freeze spectators, who were in awe of her stunning moves.

Stephanie had four brothers and she was the only girl in the family, but that never stopped her from competing with the boys.  Her brothers enjoyed playing the Madden NFL game and she always wanted to join in.  Stephanie became proficient at it in no time and she would unleash these flying insane juke moves that always caught her brothers off guard.  Stephanie’s mom taught her that girls are supposed to deceive and that is how they can have power over men.  Stephanie learned how to tell sweet little lies from the instant she learned how to talk, and she perfected them, so she could get the things that she desired.  She practiced several sneaky tricks and some of them may have been a little unfair, but they always got the best of any man, and it certainly didn’t hurt that she was beautiful.  She learned the art of keeping a man in orbit, flirting just enough to keep his hopes alive that something might develop possibly sex, or maybe a relationship and this was all fun and games to her.  Stephanie enjoyed playing with a man’s feelings and making him jump in one direction or the other, while watching him go from being mildly interested to having a heart throbbing crush on her.  Stephanie saw men as being insignificant, they were her toys and she was the master of the game.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie First Line Friday hosted by Dylan.

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