Shake Your Stuff

Regina embarked on an adventure in Paris where romance and suspense follow her while she tries to sell her new clothing line.  Only the unexpected can be expected in the competitive and cutthroat fashion industry, as henchmen chase Regina around trying to steal her designs, so they can copy and counterfeit her workRegina had a thick skin and she was ready to fight off the competition, even though people were constantly trying to stab her in the back.  She didn’t trust computers, because she had been hacked before and the hacker gave her the Ransom virus, but she refused to pay, so she lost a lot of her earlier work.

Now Regina was stashing all of her designs inside several balls of yarn that nobody ever gave a second thought about.  She rolled up all of her newest designs into these loose balls that people just figured was her knitting.  She purchased her yarn in skeins and then hand wound them into balls with her designs wrapped inside.  The balls were inconspicuous, not clearly visible or attracting any attention, so she felt safe leaving them in her hotel room when she went around Paris to interview runway models who would show case her new designs.

Regina was looking for models that were from 5’9” to 6’0” tall, but what she was really interested in was models that knew how to sashay their hips in an ostentatious or conspicuous manner, to make her clothing line catch everyone’s eye.  She rented a studio and set up appointments to interview Gisele Bündchen, Jill Kortleve, Vanessa Paradis, and Luna Bijl who she thought would all be perfect for her line.  She had a business suit and she wanted to get Inès de La Fressange to model that and she also needed one plus size model for another design.  Regina brought music for the models to listen to while they were swinging their arms and their hips in rhythm down the runway.  She also had a giant fan that would whip their skirts up against their hips and she told them to move like they were waves breaking on the beach.

Written for Paula’s Tuesday Story 8 challenge.

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