Danger to the Road

Michael is asking all of us to write about driving and that is difficult for me as this topic is too vast, so I will reminisce on a few of my old memories.  Back in the old days before seatbelts were standard issue in cars, my dad would let me sit on his lap, so I could pretend that I was driving the car, which was a lot of fun for a kid.  I failed my written test, so I had to take it again and then I failed my behind the wheel driving test 3 times.  Once was because the registration was out of date, and another time was because the front seat was not locked in place, so these had nothing to do with my driving.  The third time, I was at a stop sign and I pulled out in front of this other car and the driving test instructor felt that I should have waited, but I saw the opening and I took it.

I had several accidents and I got a few tickets, but I am not going to get into all of that here in this post, as I was kind of a wild teenager.  After several accidents and receiving a few tickets my parents suggested that I sign up for the Student Driver education class at the High School, but when I went to register for the class, apparently my reputation had proceeded me and they said, “Adams you are not going to wreck any of our cars.”  I think that I am a very good driver, although when I was younger, I was a bit reckless.  The first day I got my driving permit, my dad gave me his car so I could go out with my friends and most of them were wild.  We picked up a few six packs and had several joints and a pipe going around in the VW, when I got on the highway and it started raining.  It was kind of a trial by fire learning experience.  I had to be a multi tasker, because it was hard to keep an eye on my friends as they started throwing golf balls out the window to watch them bounce around and I still shift gears at the same time.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Sunday Writing Prompt hosted by Michael.

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  1. My second car was a VW wagon (a 1976 ish model) with a stick. The first stick I ever drove and I sucked at it. My little brother (who was 14) could drive that thing better than I could, and he’d sneak my keys and go out joyriding around our subdivision. A neighbor caught him, took the keys away, started WWIII with my mother (who was screeching that the guy had violated her son’s rights) and I think shortly after that, my parents gave the car away…too much fighting about it. My first car, a cherry 1963 or 64 Ford Fairlane (pristine condition) was totaled when I was t-boned by a heavy-duty pick up on an icy highway in January. Six months after I’d gotten my license. I sure learned to look more than once before turning left after that…. O_o

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  2. I didn’t pass my driving test until I was in my early 40s. I did start to learn in my 20s but gave up after three test failures. Later I was told in might be easier to drive an automatic car, so I took the advice and passed my test.
    Two years ago, I had to give up driving because of nerve damage in my feet. This was due to my on-going Ankylosing Spondylitis which I’ve had since my mid-20s.

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  3. I grew up in a small little town in the middle of the country…as a key latch kid…my mom told the sheriff that I might have to drive to the store if I needed something when she worked. I started to drive when I was 13… One time I was out and ran a stop sign in town…a deputy pulled me over and I told him I had permission from the sheriff. He said he didn’t care what the sheriff said…
    He got on the radio mad as hell…the next thing I know he comes to the car and muttered…
    “be safe on your way home…”
    I guess he did care what the sheriff said.

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