Family Friendly

John Fogerty released a new CD at the end of 2020 which began as informal, lockdown-inspired jams and turned into a family album.  The Covid-19 production was composed with a band made up of his three youngest children, 28-year-old Shane, Tyler who is 27, and the youngest Kelsy at 18.  Shane and Tyler play in a band of their own, Hearty Har, and Kelsy is a college freshman who began playing guitar during her last years in high school.  Fogerty’s Factory is a nod, in both its title and on its cover, to the 50th anniversary of Cosmo’s FactoryThe idea for this record came from his wife and manager Julie Fogerty who thought that this music could be healing and useful as an antidote to the pandemic that everyone was experiencing.  They don’t have a drummer, but Shane has developed a bass style that’s somewhat percussive and Kelsy played some snare drum.  John tried to have fun, while quarantined at Northern California home by recording music with his kids.  The idea for this post came from choosingmyperspective.

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