Wooing and Wowing Others

Women want a man who has moral integrity, one that is sensitive to their needs, is able to treat them fairly and equitably and one who can provide satisfying intimacy to make sure that the romantic spark keeps burning.  Prince Charming exists between the pages in fairy tales where a happy ever after ending always happens, so he has become the guy in every girl’s dream.  In real life, Prince Charming is a man who’s defined as being too good to be true, since people are cynical, and fairy tales are only an outlet for those naïve people that have only experienced things in their minds, and they have yet to gain any real-world experience.

People are naturally drawn to others who are polite, modest, agreeable, kind, which is basically those people who are charming.  People that you meet can make judgements about you based purely on the way you look and this is mostly dependent on your dependent on your facial expressions, so try to put on a happy face and smile.  If you raise your eyebrows, and make eye contact people will think that you are interested in what they are saying.  If you learn people’s names, they will respect you for that and if you can get others to talk openly about themselves, by showing a sincere interest in what they are saying, then they will jump at the chance to tell you more.  Try to use open-ended questions those that require more than just a one-word answer and that should keep the conversation flowing.  Charming people will ask sincere questions that make it easy for a person to answer in a thoughtful, introspective way.  They make you think, in a good way, about yourself, and in this process, you will feel charming too.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Tale Weaver #311 hosted by Michael where the prompt is How To Be A prince Charming.

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