Nothing is Gonna Bring Him Back

Fandango asks, “Do you think Donald Trump should be allowed back on social media now that he’s no longer in office?”, which surely is a provocative question.  If he were to ask, “Should pedophiles be allowed around children?”, everybody would say unanimously, “No, of course not”, and that would be the end of it.   Trump is gone, but not before he brought shame to the whole nation, and the only thing that will ever bring him back is a social media presence, so if there is any justice in the world, he should never have a platform that allows him to spew his lies anymore.  People are dead because of him (Covid-19 mishandling and the insurrection) and our country has never been so divided before.  While Trump was in office, he behaved with complete disregard for Democracy and the norms that have held our country together.

He was and is a disgrace of a man, sucking up to Kim Jong Un and showing his love for the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.  He is the only president to ever be impeached twice and we must learn a lesson from this, being that if the country suffered so badly under Trump once, that it is possible for him to return again and even be worse the next time.  Personally, I don’t have a social media presence, so it wouldn’t really bother me, if he was allowed back on, as I would never listen to him, but the radical right is still looking for his supposed leadership, and it won’t take that much to rile them up again.  My hope is that he will be put on trial and never allowed to run for any office again.

Written for Fandango’s Provocative Question #105.

9 thoughts on “Nothing is Gonna Bring Him Back

  1. I don’t think it is possible not to “allow” him on social media. The big guys, FB, Insta, Twit, etc. can ban him based on violations of the TOC. That is a corporate decision based on what they want to allow on their private property.

    So he moves to a smaller platform that doesn’t mind his obnoxious behavior and takes his followers with him. Suddenly the small platform becomes big and his followers are even more isolated from the real world. How is that good?

    The first amendment prevents any aspect of government from attempting to control his access. It specifically protects obnoxious speech, hate speech, dangerous speech, unpopular speech. If it doesn’t protect speech we dislike it is meaningless.

    If the left or right really wanted to accomplish something, the way to do is to engage their opponents honestly and with an open mind. “Open mind” doesn’t mean you agree, it means to listen without judgment and respond with logic instead of name calling and angry emotions. Instead what the left and right do is to draw their wagons together in separate camps, just out of bow shot, and shoot arrows at each other that never accomplish anything. But shooting those arrows sure feel good and make the shooters brave heroes in their own minds.

    What happens in social media to a person from the left or the right – from their OWN people – who actually reaches out to the other side is not pretty.

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