Working on My Technique

They were her breasts, and most of the women that I have been with referred to their breasts as “their boobs” or “their girls”, and some just called them their left breast and their right breast, but Tatiana gave each one of hers, their own name.  Tatiana called her left boob Ekaterina and her right boob she called Sergei.  She said that she named them after the world champion figure skating pair, which she loved to watch.  Tatiana has a spectacular pair of breasts, which I would consider to be world class, but she did not want this to be her personality trait.  I am a breast guy, I really love breasts, and I like em big or small, perky or slightly saggy, or real or surgically enhanced, as boobs are incredibly awesome, and they’re a lot of fun to play with, but you have to know what you are doing.

I have learned to mix it up, because Tatiana told me that she doesn’t like it when a guy latches on and just keeps on sucking, as that makes her feel like she is a cow, feeding her young and she said it feels like a sucking machine is stuck on her boob.  The other thing she told me that turned her off was a gut kneading her breasts, like he is handling bread dough.  I know enough to use my tongue and give it a few licks and also that I have to work my hands into the mix.  It is surprising that if you ask a woman how she likes it, most of them will be honest with you and even throw in a few pointers, OK that was a pun.  Knowing the right breast and nipple stimulation always enhances sexual arousal, so I am always willing to invest some time with this type of play.  Tatiana did have one quirk about her breasts, as she felt that Sergei was slightly larger than Ekaterina and that is why she gave her right boob the masculine name.

I never noticed any difference between her boobs, but I encouraged her to talk about her breasts and I enjoyed helping her measure them at times.  Talking about Tatiana’s breasts seemed to turn on both of us because her nipples would get so hard and a big part of me was also.  I learned not to zero in on her nipples, because she said that they were always sensitive, so I would massage above and stroke the bottoms and the sides while I was kissing her lips, her ears and working my way down to her lovely neck.  When I thought Tatiana was ready, I would make a move for the dark-colored circle that surrounded her nipples, better known as her areolas.  I would stroke her nipples and then circle my fingers around her areolas.  I watched her face while she smiled and I knew just when she wanted my mouth on her nipples and I always knew that Sergei should get as much attention as Ekaterina.  We never got into any of that nipple clamp stuff and I think it is more exciting by staying real.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Nekneeraj’s Photo Challenge #350 that uses the picture Lovers by Harry Hollard, 1982.

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