Winklepicker Stilettos

I have a fetish for long pointy shoes, or as I like to call them bedroom fuck me high heels and this might be a result of watching too many strippers dancing at clubs in their hooker heels.  If I can get a woman to wear them for my special private enjoyment and excitement then she is a keeper.  If she can get naked, but keep the heels on while we are in bed, that is even better, because that always keeps me aroused.  When a lady decides to parade around in this type of shoe, this becomes a real boner starter for me, because I know that this type of woman is more concerned in turning on a man then she is interested in her own comfort and she is secretively saying, “Do me”.  I have experimented with femdom play from time to time, where I let my mistress command me to lick her toes, and kiss or caress them.  I enjoy being able to remove them from her feet and then re-fitting them on her, as she flaunts her control over my manhood.  I am not interested in wearing a collar, or any type of bondage, whips or handcuffs, but some gentle play without pain or humiliation is right up my alley.

My preference is black or high gloss cherry red and if they wear a matching leather outfit that partially exposes their breasts, that always seems to work for me.  When a girl walks around in winklepicker stilettos, I know that her intentions to attract a man are deliberate and these shoes should be confined to the bedroom, as wearing them out in public, is like putting a sticker on yourself that says, “I want it”, and people will think that you should be standing on a street corner.  This type of shoe takes it up a notch, as even my grandmother would look good in these, well maybe not so much.  They tend to expose the maximum amount of foot flesh and this cannot be over done or exaggerated.  A shoe that features a long, sharp toe, one that is teamed up with a stiletto heel (or spike heel), can become a formidable weapon and it deserves respect.

Written for Word of the Day Challenge Prompt – Winklepicker.

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  1. Great take on the word Jim! Don’t be bothered if some might say you’re a bit over sexed. At least one other blogger who follows me mis-read the word and said she thought of some decidedly NOT PG responses… Another found an interesting use of the shoes, that of killing cockroaches which try to hide in the corner. Those points come in real handy for that purpose. *snicker*…

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