Be Happy Live Longer

I am a city person, I have always have been one and I will always be one.  I am healthier because I have been exposed to a lot more people being a city slicker.  I am able to avoid getting sick, because I have built up a genetic advantage through exposure because I have been subjected to more variants of things that are contagious and this made my body more resistant to just about any disease.  I always told myself, “You ain’t gonna get me sick.”  This has become a mind over matter thing for me, as I know my body has the ability to heal itself, but it only cooperates when I am happy.  If I pig out on cookies and ice cream or start guzzling down a lot of beer, my body is more willing to cooperate, because it sees me as being happy with who I am.

If my body sensed that I was missing something in my life, or my romantic relationship had taken a wrong turn and that I was not feeling sexually satisfied, or if things were not going so well at work, or if my life lost purpose or couldn’t get in touch with my creatively, or I was not fulfilled and happy, or my financial stability was taking a dive, because I am stressed about money, my recuperation would take much longer.  From this I have learned that if I want to be healthy that I must make myself happy first.  Thus, if I had to change jobs, or divorce my spouse, I was going to do what ever was necessary to make myself feel better.  It didn’t have to always be that drastic, as many times my situations improved just by talking things out.  I could tell my boss why I was unhappy or go to marriage counseling with my wife.  When I started making better lifestyle choices, I found out that this counteracted with any stress that I was going through, because my body is a mirror of how I live my life, wow I bet that would make a great meme.

Written for FOWC with Fandango – Meme, for Linda G. Hill’s ‘Life in progress’ JusJoJan January prompt – City.

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  1. I’ve been both…I live in the country but I’m not too far from a city…a small one but a city all the same. I get the best of both I guess.

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      1. I was born in NYC and I lived there several times in my life, but mostly I lived in the suburbs and I spent a little time in the country and they all have a certain appeal.


  2. There is an issue with some affluent children having underdeveloped immune systems. They were raised in immaculately homes without exposure to pets or very many people or even to play in a normal yard outside. Turns out that meeting lots of strange people and playing in the dirt and weeds and being exposed to furry creatures who are also full of dirt and dander is good for you.

    It is important because your first three years is when your immune system gets to “know” the world. It builds itself around what it is exposed to. If it doesn’t happen, diseases that should be minor can become major and you don’t develop immunity to a lot of allergens that you ought to.

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