Antifa Versus QAnon

As the current political climate remains in unrest increasing the chances of violent confrontations at protests and rallies, this new game was created to entertain children who have no interest in politics, but just enjoy seeing these groups at each other’s throats and laying waste to everything in their path.  Today the left-wing anti-fascist and anti-racist political protest movement Antifa, which is comprised of autonomous ununified groups made up of a loose collection of networks and individuals who believe in active, aggressive opposition to extreme far right-wing movements and ideology are facing off against the unfounded fringe conspiracy theorist right-wing group QAnon that embrace a range of unsubstantiated beliefs such as politicians, celebrities and journalists are covering up for pedophiles and that Satan worshipers in control of our government and this cabal which is in control of the deep state government is going to bring about a Storm and the Great Awakening.

Billy chose to be Antifa today, which is short for “antifascist” and he plans on destroying the right-wing group and ensuring that their age of utopia never happens.  Yesterday Billy championed the Black Lives Matter group and he fought a great battle with the White supremacists and the Ku Klux Klan and between them they wiped out half of the city.  The day before Billy picked to be the Marijuana Rights activists and he went up against the Bible thumpers and the Anti-Abortion groups, but sadly he was overwhelmed and got destroyed when hell fire rained down on him.  His sister Janet thought that was funny, but today she is cheering for him.  Janet pointed to the destruction that Billy created in the protest then she yelled out. “Way to go Billy, you put an end to any hope of there ever being a Great Awakening” and Billy raised his arms in victory.

Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #101.

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