Check It Out

I missed getting the Covid vaccine the other day, and that was the fourth time that I tried, all with no luck.  Now my township is moving the immunization site 10 miles further away, because of all the traffic jams that it was causing.  This has become a lot more difficult for me, as the other location was just down the street and if the line was closed off, I could just drive home.  More than 14 million doses of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have been shipped out, but it is not all that easy to receive these new lifesaving injections.  The Biden administration said that they are scrapping Operation Warp Speed, because that dealt more with vaccine production, but these vaccines are not helping anything if people can’t get them.

Florida decided that people 65 and older should get the coronavirus vaccine first, but the rollout has turned into a free-for-all, because demand has overwhelmed supply, and people are becoming more and more frustrated.  Government officials knew that a vaccine was coming, but whatever plans that they made for distribution are not working, and I guess that this is what happens when officials attempt to distribute a vaccine that is still in very limited supply to a population of 22 million.  Our Republican Governor Ron DeSantis did acknowledge that the initial rollout has been bumpy, but they should have been preparing for the vaccine rollout since last July.  I read that the Nursing Home residents did get their vaccines, which is a really good thing, but since Florida is a State where a lot of retired people live, the rest of us are left scrambling and having to deal with these long vaccination lines which is just crazy.

I need the vaccine because I am in the group of elderly citizens that has been determined to have an underlying medical problem with my diabetes, and with me being part of this unfortunate group, it is felt that I am more likely to develop a serious illness, if I were to catch it.  There is a lot of useful information on the Florida Health Covid19 website, but it is a dammed shame that they don’t let you know where you can go to get the vaccines.  It seems like this has become a game of how many hoops you can jump through to get this vaccine.  I read that the location has been moved, but I don’t know exactly where this new place will be, or when they will be vaccinating people.  I am tired of the lines, as I have waited in long lines several times, where the line closed down just before I was able to get in.  I want to be able to lift up my sleeve to show people my band aide and say, “Check it out, I finally got my Covid shot.”

Written for Linda G. Hill’s ‘Life in progress’ JusJoJan January prompt of check.

35 thoughts on “Check It Out

      1. We are vaccinating on an age and needs based system, so oldest and most vulnerable first. There are lots of people who think their need it greater than anyone else’s of course. I heard from a friend today whose father had been invited to make an appointment. He would have been 104 had he not died in 2003! So, not a perfect system!

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  1. Sorry that you and so many others are having trouble getting the vaccine. I guess I’m lucky, as I got mine this past Wednesday. No problem, as my Dr. called me to say I had an appointment if I wanted it. So of course I did. Next is part 2 in Feb.
    Hope things get better.

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  2. If all goes to plan, I should expect to get my Covid jab by the end of February. I hope they’ll still be administrating the vaccine’s at the local health centre which is only about a mile away from where I live.

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  3. My friend in Florida was able to get her first shot in Orange county. She said it went smoothly. All of our available appointments are booked through February. I hope you are able to resolve this and get the vaccine soon, Jim.

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