First Days of Hope Loom Over Last Days of Doom

First thing is first, or should that be first things first, meaning that you should take care of the most important things before you move on to the other stuff that can wait.  It is about setting realistic priorities and goals that you must do to deal with the activities that you are obligated yourself to achieve, before moving on to tasks that are not essential and then you can tackle the things that you would like to get done.  My car needed some repairs, as my check engine light came on and I could smell oil burning.  I knew that this was the most important problem, because I didn’t want oil leaking onto my driveway and I didn’t want my engine to seize up.  I explained the problems and asked them to give me an estimate for the necessary work and if I had any money left over then I would have them do those repairs as well.

Things were getting crazy in the courtroom, so the judge banged his gavel down repeatedly and yelled, “Order in the court”, I wanted to say, “I’ll have a tuna fish sandwich on rye with an iced tea to wash it down”, but I came to my senses, as I knew that the judge was not taking lunch orders.  Later that day while we were deliberating the verdict a clerk came by and took our lunch orders and once, we finished out meal, we went back to discussing the case.  I didn’t think the case was all that difficult to decide, but I wanted to have an open mind, so I listened to all the facts before I started yelling, “Lock Trump up and throw away the key.”  The foreman stood up and said, “We have to decide on guilt first and punishment will be the last thing.”

Written for Linda G. Hill’s JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is to start your post with the words “First thing” and you can pick up bonus points if you are able to end it with the words “last thing”.

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