Once in a Blue Moon

  1. Where did the phrase ‘Out for a duck’ originate?
    This is a sexual innuendo that parents used when they wanted some time away from their kids.

2.   What is Duck a l’orange?
This is a recipe that was created by the Duke of Earl.

3.   Why do we yell ‘DUCK’ when something is likely to hit us?
If we yelled “Look up” we would get hit in the face.

4.   When was the first iPhone released?
You will have to ask Fandango about this.

5.   What is an interrobang?
This is what happens in mosh pits when the crowd gets naked.

6.   What is, or was, a Troodon?
Bom ba, ba bom ba bom ba bom, bom, dang a dang, dang ding a dong ding, I don’t know.

  1. Who invented the Little Black Dress?
    The same tailor who sold the new clothes to the emperor.

8.   What is TikTok?
I think that is a breath mint.

9.   Who invented the frying pan?
The same guy that invented the flying carpet.

10. What colour is most toilet paper in France?

Written for Di’s Fibbing Friday.

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