Hippie Cousin to the Camel

Lilly named her llama Pauciloquent because she thought that was a cute name for such a fluffy animal.  It made some groaning noises, it hummed and it made these adorable gargling sounds when it became sexually aroused from time to time, but it mostly stayed silent.  Lilly enjoyed riding on Pauciloquent and she thought it was better than being on a camel with humps, but she did not weigh that much.  Lilly loved taking selfies while riding on her pet, which she would hashtag, Instagram, and facebook all over the net, and this increased her bonding with this fuzzball creature

Lilly had owned an alpaca before, but she found out that are more distant to affection like cats usually are, while llamas are more like dogs once you earn their trust.  Lilly was having a lot of fun hanging out with Pauciloquent and although she was warned that llamas might try to spit in her face, but as she got to know Pauciloquent, she realized that he would never do such a nasty thing.

Lilly became the president of the Life is Better with a Llama Society and she was now sending out over 150 newsletters every month.  She included a section on llama humor, which everybody seemed to enjoy.  Some of her favorite jokes were: What do you get when you cross a turtle and a llama?, where the answer is a turtleneck sweater.  What do llamas call the end of time?, answer Llamageddon.   Did you hear about the woman who broke up with her boyfriend and moved to Peru?, she became a real llama queen.  What’s a llama’s favorite song?, Llama Chameleon.  Her llama never laughed ay any of the jokes that she told him, but he was never big on words anyways.

Written for Word of the Day Challenge Prompt – Pauciloquent.

19 thoughts on “Hippie Cousin to the Camel

  1. Good for you, Jim. When I saw today’s Word of the Day Challenge word, I decided to not even attempt to fit it into a post, as it’s a word I would never ever use. At least not if I wanted anyone to know what I was talking about.

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    1. Ah! But Fandango, it was chosen with you in mind. Because it means (in a rather long winded way) BRIEF. A paucity of words. I thought of you and your love of short phrases which pack so much into them. Aw. I haz a bit of a sad now. 😉

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      1. Oh, Melanie. I’m in bed, it’s almost 11 pm and I’m just finding out that you had me in mind when you chose this word. Sheesh, now I feel bad that I didn’t use it. Well, maybe I’ll figure out another day a way to fit it into a post where it seems natural.

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  2. Thanks, Jim for weaving such a deft story around that word. It could be considered one of THOSE words, those that are labeled as ‘snooty million dollar words’. But I loved the story. Good for Lilly for embracing her inner llama in that fashion!

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