Welcome to Shangri La

She sashayed her way into the walled off city, knowing that this once lost Tibetan paradise was the last thing left for her to see on her bucket list.  She planed on ending it once she reached this utopian wonderland, this permanently happy land, that was isolated from the rest of the world.  She spent her life willing to die for love and when love let her down, she saw death as her only alternative.  She lived in shame because her man left her for another and in this beautiful place that is filled with peace and harmony, she would find her eternal peace.

Once she was safely ensconced inside these sacred walls, she started her journey of inner exploration and discovery.  She went to the Snow Mountains where she discovered the key to eternal life and that is when she realized that she was not to blame for losing love.  She realized that she could start over and find a new l0ove that would be stronger than the one she lost.

Written for Sadje at Keep It Alive What Do You See? Picture prompt Image credit Timur Kozmenko.

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