The Flowers Will Bloom Eternally

I picked these flowers to remind me of my love who has passed on.  We spent our whole lives together and these are her favorites, which I found growing down by this small pond.  Seasons passed us by bringing sunshine, rain and snow, but she will always remain in my heart.  I brought my guitar with me and now that I have collected these flowers, I think I will start playing the George Jones song ‘Seasons of My Heart’ in memory of my girl.

Seasons come and seasons go
We get a little sunshine, rain and snow
Just the way that it was planned to be
But there’s no season in my heart
While you play the leading part
There the flowers will bloom eternally

Your leaving, it will bring autumn sorrow
And my tears like weathered leaves will fall
But spring it may bring us glad tomorrow
And darling, we could be happy after all

As it is in nature’s plan
No season gets the upper hand
How I tried to bear this fact in mind
The trees are bare, the cold winds blow
But by experience we should know
Winter comes but the spring is close behind

Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #100.

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