Heavy Metal Band

Twisted Sister picked out the name of their group from a hat, because they thought that it sounded good.  They first heard this name one night when they were performing, and a drunken old man at the end of the show came up to them and said, “You guys look like a bunch of twisted sisters”, because they were all dressed in drag.  They were formerly known as Silver Star and the group was going through some lineup changes at the time when they decided to go with a different name.  They had a big hit with the 1980’s anthem, ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’.  I am happy that the Democrats are finally standing up to the Trump nonsense, as it seems like they are not going to take it anymore.  They have the right to say enough because Trump keeps showing how much he has lost touch with reality and he doesn’t deserve to be president any longer.  President Trump incited the crowd to riot and he is the one who should be prosecuted for crimes of conspiracy to overthrow the government and sedition that led to the riots.  He is no better than Charlie Manson who is also a racist and had this Hitler like hold over people.  Trump has sure turned out to be one twisted puppy.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s ‘Life in progress’ JusJoJan January prompt of twisted.

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