Call Me Jentacular

Call me psychopomp
Throw in Nudiustertian too
Do my shaved eyebrows bother you?
Well, I’m not ambidextrous, I just like to screw
Call me hifalutin, tell me I’m like Putin
Reality, I’m inclined to pursue
Call me facetious, yes, I’m pretentious
But it’s consequently true
I have this predilection for you
Call me incongruous, yes, I’m notorious
But it’s heuristically true
I’m concupiscently into you

Written for Word of the Day Challenge Prompt – Jentacular.

14 thoughts on “Call Me Jentacular

  1. Ha! My $100 (because of inflation they’ve got up in cost. 😏) are ALL getting a thorough airing! Save for ‘ heuristic’ ( which will appear next Tuesday with full credit to you, sir) and concuspiscent ly, which I think belongs in this week’s “MA” SLS. 😱 😝 😘

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