One with Nature

Alexandra Sophie is a French artist and photographer, who was born in 1992.  She grew up in the Franche-Comté countryside and she discovered photography during her childhood using disposable cameras.  Due to sickness, Alexandra had to stop school and she became a self-taught photographer that loves to make magic with a camera.  Her work focuses on young girls, and she likes to shoot them in natural surroundings with a natural light.  Alexandra lives in a world of fairytales and she likes to believe that in everyone there resides softness, love, dreams and innocence.  Her fine art work questions identity in all forms, human kind and its relations with the environment, sexuality, as well as age and growing up.

Alexandra has found a subject that she cares about and she puts her whole heart into her work, so others can feel her compassion.  She is able to place these beautiful models in unique playful poses that looks so natural and spontaneous.  In this photo above, she is using a technique that she calls the sleep pose where she positions the semi naked girl on her side with her elbows bent so her hands can be placed in front of her face.  To get the look, she needs to ask her model to lie totally still, and this is no easy task with all of the plant life that she surrounds the girl with.  This pose gives off a timeless appeal, that is especially useful for tapping into a dreamy, nostalgic mood.  When Alexandra is not taking pictures, her favorite thing to do is picking flowers while she is wandering through the forest and she uses these flowers to adorn the girl’s hair.  Some of her pictures have an exotic flare, but all of her nude photography is tastefully done.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Nekneeraj’s Photo Challenge #348.

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