Forgetting Things

It is on the tip of my tongue and I am sure that it will come to me, as it feels like it is right at my fingertips, but alas now it is gone.  This happens to the best of us, although David Bowie had a big hit with his ‘Golden Years’.  Did you ever have one of those days where you are shampooing your hair and then you remember that you just did this a minute ago.  Lately I have been having a hard time dealing with my short-term memory loss, and on top of that, I’m trying to deal with this short-term memory loss.

I met her right there on the platform next to the tracks, but now I can’t even recall her name.  Many of the details are still clear, as she walked up to me and whispered that she had not kissed anyone since the Covid-19 pandemic and she wondered if she was losing her touch.  She asked me if it would be OK for her to kiss me, and since she was smoking hot, I agreed, removed my mask, put my arms around her and planted one on her lips.  She thanked me after we kissed and she explained that she only said that to me to try and make her ex-boyfriend jealous, but to her surprise the guy who she thought was her ex, as she looked at him from behind, turned out to be somebody else when she finally saw his face.

I told her that it was nice to meet her and when she said “Goodbye”, I told her, “Oh, you’ve got something on your lip”, and she said, “Really?  Where?”, that is when I moved in to kiss her again and said, “Right here”.  She wiped off her lips and said, “Its all gone now, but maybe I could get another one”.  I obliged and we dated for about a month and I can’t for the life of me remember why we broke up.  Recent I went for a new Covid-19 test and now my smile looks out of place as the test showed that I had picked up that new strain of the coronavirus, the one with the more contagious mutations.

Written for Sadje at Keep It Alive What Do You See?

12 thoughts on “Forgetting Things

    1. Thanks foe explaining that Glyn. It is a video of Smokey Robinson & The Miracles singing Tracks Of My Tears, because of the railroad tracks in the picture. That is why I write every day to keep my memory sharp.

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