The Busboy Deals Pot

I was never a servant, but I did work as a busboy in a restaurant.  I had to clear the table of the dirty dishes, when customers finished eating and take all of them to the dishwasher, then change the table cloth and get the table ready for new customers.  I was required to set the tables with silverware, napkins and drinking glasses.  I walked around with a pitcher of water and asked customers if they wanted me to refill their glasses, but mostly I avoided them.  I was required to provide any type of assistance that the waitresses asked of me, like getting another chair, or bringing straws to those who wanted them and cleaning up spills when necessary.

The restaurant service industry is a fast-paced environment and a busboy must remain on their toes at all times.  It was not my job to clean the dishes, or the silverware and glasses, but I was responsible for making sure that the ones that I placed at the tables were not dirty.  The waitresses work for tips and if you mess up that cuts into their gratuities, so if I messed up, they would get all over my case.  I had to wear a white shirt and a tie and since I was still in High School when I had this job, this was not my normal style of dress, but everybody has to start someplace.  The only time I was able to work was on weekends and in the evenings, which I thought sucked the big one.  The pay was pretty bad also, but at the end of the night, each waitress would give me a portion of their tips for helping out with their area.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s ‘Life in progress’ JusJoJan January prompt of servant which was suggested by Di.

7 thoughts on “The Busboy Deals Pot

      1. Seems like I might have gotten a tip once. It in a city near a Marine Corps base, so maybe. The concession prices have always been crazy. But I did get free popcorn and soda.

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  1. That’s a good one. It’s not funny; tip the waitress. I would never want to be a server. I’ve learned what the culture behind the scenes is like, though, from friends in high school and from my sons — except the youngest one didn’t do any kind of work at a restaurant ever. The oldest one was a sous-chef at a French place for a little bit.

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