Maybe It’s Me

It is quite possible that I am the one who is brainwashed as my sister told me last night.  I innocently asked her if she still believed that Trump won the election and she told me that it is still under investigation and that many votes were not counted and some people were locked out of the voting pools.  Well, all of that was news to me as I don’t watch FOX news, so I told her that there is no proof of any of these allegations and she said that it will come out but it takes time.  As far as I know, every voter fraud claim that Trump and his lawyers brought up was thrown of court.

I was eating dinner when my sister called and I didn’t tell her that she was interrupting, but I was bent on making this call short, as my sister can go on and on sometimes, but while my steak was waiting for me, I was going to make sure that this untimely call was not going to last.  I usually avoid talking politics with my sister, as we are on opposite ends of the spectrum, but it amazes me how Republicans still listen to all of the Trump nonsense.  She got mad at me and said that I was brainwashed and unwilling to listen to the truth.  I never heard any truth, as all I have been hearing were lies and false claims of wrongdoing that had no evidence to back up these allegations and it is about time this ended, so our country can go on with more important business.

We are in trouble now, as the Iranians are gathering ships in the Persian Gulf, people are dying by the thousands every day and Trump plays golf.  I told my sister that Trump never wants to help anybody but himself and she said, “If that is the way you are going to talk with me, then I will hang up”, which she abruptly did.  What do you think, should I call her back and apologize for acting rational, or would it be better for me to sit in the corner and take a time out?  It is time that we all step out of the Twilight Zone, get back into reality, admit that there is no Santa Claus, that professional wrestling is fake and Trump lost the election.  Any help that you can offer will be appreciated, please make a comment below.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is “in the corner”.

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  1. I’m with you, as you know, on the political side of the spectrum. Trumpsters are so blindly wrapped into their “cult” mentality that lies are somehow accepted as truth. It is mind-boggling and deeply disturbing, yet here we are…

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  2. A blog that I follow posted this today:

    “Truth is not a contradiction.
    Or a denial.
    It is.”

    We know this, as do millions of rational people all around the world.
    Unfortunately, there are also millions who would deny truth, who want an alternative truth, who are willing to swear blind that something is truth because they have read it, been told it, heard it said by many people or any number of other reasons.

    Rational debate or discussion seems no longer possible. Unfortunately that leads to us grouping together with like minded individuals and we thus become even more divided and even more intolerant such that we have the opinion of “I disagree with you but respect your right to be stupid!”

    No answers Jim. Sorry!

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    1. I blame FOX News for the division in this country. They get all of these fanatic viewers that tune in every day to drink more of their Kool aide, and Murdock being an Australian couldn’t care less about how badly he is dividing our country.

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  3. I agree with you about Trump 100%, but family is more important than politics. His aim is to cause strife and division on every level, and we shouldn’t let him have even a small victory within our own family. I wouldn’t apologize for my beliefs, but I’d say something like… I wish we could avoid talking about politics because I really treasure our relationship.

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    1. You are right Paula, but it is just so hard for me to believe that she still thinks that Trump won the election. We usually don’t talk about politics, as there are other thigs going on in our lives.

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  4. My son got into it with his Grandma over the holidays about politics. I thought we’d never have to see her again. But for the sake of hubby, they called a truce. Agreed that politics would never be a discussion point ever again. Akin to agree to disagree. My mother in law is very pro-Trump to a point of being completely irrational. Trying to get her to come around is like talking to a brick wall. Wasn’t going to happen. So we’ve moved on.

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    1. I don’t know how families or close friends deal with this stuff. (So, no, sorry, wish I had brilliant insights for you but alas, I do not.)

      But surely your sister also knows you do not agree on politics. She called you. I am assuming she started the talk on politics? And hung up on you? Yeah, no, I don’t think you need to apologize for anything. Calling her back for family harmony? I suppose an argument can be made for that, and see others have in the comments.

      I’m just sorry you are having to deal with this. I know others are too. There are times when living in total isolation is a good thing. :/

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  5. In my opinion (only opinion mind you) let it be for a while. Take a time out. I’m in the same situation as you with regard to my nearest family. Both siblings are firmly in the ‘I’ve drunk the kool-aid” camp and have refused to hear any nay-saying about their alleged ‘golden boy” (I say it’s orange, but whatever). I was a bit pleasantly surprised therefore to recently have one of my brothers tell me, in a conversation which inevitably turns to politics, however hard I try for it not to; to say that he thought Trump was a ‘bad’ person, but he still holds that Trump is a ‘great’ president. I rolled my eyes and held my tongue. They know that they’ll NEVER convert me to believing in Trump nor his ugly agenda. And when one of them starts in on ‘liberals” and sputtering, I remind him strongly that I’m NOT LIBERAL, I’m a MODERATE. I think the country and it’s two party system idea has had it’s time and now it’s moot which end one is on, they seem to be set on agendas I don’t agree with, whichever party they are. I’m sorry your sister took such offense, but I’ve lost at least a dozen ‘friends’ and had to unfriend (on Facebook, which I no longer visit) a relative there for his staunch Trump defense. People are burnt, on both sides of that battle. Give it time to heal a little and then do what you feel is right.

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  6. I think you should wait until after the inauguration before speaking with her again. Maybe by then she will have accepted reality and whatever animosity that she fells toward you (and you toward her) will have dissipated at least a little.

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  7. We are still getting ‘virus is fake’ idiots over here. I was shocked at the news of illegal raves going on and the police getting spat at. Trumps influence has sadly crossed the pond.

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  8. Oh Jim the same thing happened to me just after the election. I got into a conversation with someone I love dearly and assumed was on the same side as me. To my horror the conversation took an awful turn and I just wanted to walk away. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It was as if they were living in an alternate reality. We ended the conversation stiffly and went our separate ways. I still haven’t reached out. Maybe after inauguration but then it will be like a slap in their face. I probably lost a friend for good. Your problem is a little different as families can forgive. Call your sister after January 20th ☺️

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  9. I not only blame Fox…and yes they are to blame also…but I also blame MSNBC…both push their views…not the news. Tailor-made for right and left respectively.
    If a news anchor says that Biden or Trump is an idiot I automatically turn it off. I don’t remember Cronkite saying that ever…none of the ones just telling us the news.

    This is supposedly a bias free news site…

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  10. I hear ya, Jim. It’s amazing to me that so many Republicans stood by him no matter what he did… I mean, there are a few concepts of the Republicans I believe in (say regarding law and order when it comes to violent crime), others I disagree with but can fully understand (their economics stance for instance) and bear no ill will to those who follow that… but to go along with him, his profanity, his threats, his indifference to problems, his refusal to take responsibility for anything (God, what must Harry “the buck stops here” Truman be thinking, looking down?) … how can they abide by that? If they’d purged him and replaced him midway through his term, I think I might have not minded the idea of a Republican win in ’20.
    But we’re down the rabbit hole. I had to drive around back in ’16 one day with a relative on my sweetie’s side, who was a big Republican. He had on Fox News radio all day. He just nodded and parrotted every catchphrase they said “ha ha, Crooked Hillary!” “ya, e-mails. Hillary e-mails! ha ha” and on and on. NOW, when Fox News actually say Biden won, Trump needs to move on, their fans merely shrug and say “Obama and Hillary got to Fox news…it’s fake news”. There’s no changing that mindset. There are only 2 choices… remember the people and what they meant to you before this whole debacle and don’t talk politics, or else erase them from your life.

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    1. When he is gone, then we can all ignore him, but right now, he has too much power and he is very dangerous. When he first got elected I thought, well at least he will straighten out the deficit and take charge of the budget because he is a businessman and not a politician. The problem is that he is a bad businessman with no scruples and he never intended to drain the swamp.


      1. yep… too many people bought into the mantra he was a great business mind because he yelled it at them… great business minds don’t go bankrupt as often as he has or do things like sink billions into casinos that cannibalize each other in a city going down the tubes, just as they become legal in half the country. I had low expectations for him in ’16 but he somehow failed to meet them… I had hope he might be reined in more by the party old-timers and “grow into” the role. didn’t expect that the party elite would bend to his will instead.

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