Squidgers Spelled Backward Is Sregdiuqs

  1. Where will you find ‘One for his knob’ and ‘Two for his heels’?
    That would be just before, ‘Three for the snob’ and ‘Four missing wheels’.

2. Where will you find winks, squidgers and a target?
I might be able to answer this if I didn’t just quit my job at the tiddlywink factory.

  1. What is a numerator?
    This concerns one who is able to enumerate and others that are articulate.

4. There are 206 in the human body. What are they?
Brain cells!

5. What can be waxing or waning?
A bikini on Wayne’s World.

6. What is The Mystery Machine?
This is where the ghost in the machine lives.

7. What was the Millenium Falcon?
A bad misspelling.

8. What will you find inside a ping pong ball?
Gas and you better hold your nose before you investigate.

9. What is a fortress?
I think Jimi Hendrix had one along a watchtower.

10. How many spots do newborn dalmation puppies have?
Somebody is really bad at spelling, but I am going to guess that it is more spots than zebras have stripes.

Written for Di’s Fibbing Friday.

15 thoughts on “Squidgers Spelled Backward Is Sregdiuqs

    1. I am a horrible speller, so I have no right to criticize anyone, but I write all of my posts in Microsoft Word before i copy and paste them into WordPress so that cuts down on my mistakes.

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    2. It seems Mr. Jim here is a magnificent source of bits of trivia like tiddlywinks. Now what do humans have 206 of? Is it brain cells? If so, that explains a few things at least, as people who are irrevocably stupid or thoughtless must have lost at least half! 😉

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      1. Eh. Just proves he’s keeping up his “Spelling and Grammar Police” Captain status…I wouldn’t fret about it. It is a holiday time after all, and you could always blame your lapse on too much celebrating… 😉 (or that beautiful duck you’ve discovered). LOL

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  1. Useless factoid that I heard on the “oldies of the 60s” radio station yesterday. They were doing a countdown of ‘The 300 Greatest Hits of the 60s (by listener vote)” and they said that “Watchtower only ever hit Number 20 on the top 40 of it’s day. But in the listener ‘poll’ they did, it came in 10th. Jimi might be proud! Awesome song!!

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