Questions About 2020 Posts

What can you say about your blogging experience in 2020?  Has it been different from that in previous years?
I stayed busy in 2020, writing 84 posts thus far this month.  I wrote 68 posts in November, 68 in October, 64 in September, 79 in August, 64 in July, 56 in June, 68 in May, 42 in April, 46 in March, 132 in February and 73 in January giving me a total of 884 posts for 2020 so far.  I did not seem all that different from my past years that I spent here on WordPress, but I lost some followers and I gained some new ones.  I stopped following a few people, most of them were not reading my posts, so I dropped them from my Reader.  I started participating in some new challenges this year, like this one Blogging Insights and Dr. Tanya’s other challenge 5 Things.  Paula’s 6 Degrees challenge and her new one Tuesday Story were both challenges that I tried this year and I always try not to miss her Thursday Inspiration, but I have missed a few as I have only participated in 74 of her 88 prompts so far.  If anything changed for me this year, I would say that I have become pickier about which writing challenges I get involved in.

I guess I had so many posts last February because I participated in Fandango’s FFE Daily Adage and Bee’s Love Is In Da Blog challenge, which gave me 58 posts.  Fandango ran a Dog Days challenge in August and I think that I caught all of them.  I started writing in Melanie’s Share Your World challenge this year, but I don’t participate every week, as sometimes the questions just don’t strike the right chord with me.  Another new challenge that I just started writing in is Christine’s Simply 6 Minutes which is always fun.  Sadje’s What Do You See challenge was a new one for me also along with Linda’s What Day is it Anyway challenge.

What have you been posting about most frequently in 2020?
Music and I like to mock Trump.

Please share links to a few of your favorite posts from this year.
I have no idea where to start with this, as once I write something, I move on to the next challenge or prompt.  I think that most of my posts are good, otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered writing them, so I went to my Site Stats and I displayed my top most popular posts for 2020, which created a list of how many times they were viewed, but most of my top posts on this list were not from this year and maybe that means that my writing is deteriorating or on the decline.

My Mother Was a Prostitute got 137 Views and I wrote this for the FFE Daily Adage with the prompt, “When in Rome do as the Romans do”, but this was actually a story from my second book and I finished it off with the Animals ‘House of the Rising Sun’ video.  I think it was only popular because of the title, but I did get several Likes and some very nice Comments.

My post Sixteen Parkside Lane was very popular getting 209 Views and I wrote this for a Song Lyric Sunday challenge where the prompt was Tom/Dick/Harry.  It was written about the Harry Chapin song ‘Taxi’ and it received 21 Likes and a lot of lovely comments.

LSD and Jerry Garcia may have been my most popular post of 2020, as this got 241 Views, however this does not include my Song Lyric Sunday hosting prompt posts which always do well.  This was a long post being over 3,000 words and it was not a response to a prompt.  I talked about the Grateful Dead playing at Ken Kesey’s acid tests and the women that were in Jerry Garcia’s life.  I threw in a few videos and it got 22 Likes and some lovely Comments as well.

Written for Blogging Insights #61 Looking Back at 2020 by Dr. Tanya where this week she is concerned with our 2020 blogging experience.

12 thoughts on “Questions About 2020 Posts

  1. I did 695 posts in 2019…I did more in 2018…783…I’m going to try to trim it down this year. My views doubled though with less posts.

    Lets have a better 2021…shouldn’t be hard!

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  2. One question Jim…on the song lyric challenge a song that begins with a letter…G…what is “The” is in front of the title? I was thinking about The Girl I Knew Somewhere…but would that work?


    1. Max I can’t control what people will choose and this may turn into a big mess, but when I took over this challenge many participants told me that they don’t want to hear me suggestions, so I try to let them do their own thing. I took a quick glance at some Grateful Dead songs and some Beatles songs and I came up with this and any of these would be appropriate: Gimme Some Lovin’, Gloria, Going Down The Road Feeling Bad, Good Lovin’, Good Morning Little Schoolgirl, Greatest Story Ever Told, Good Day Sunshine, Got To Get You Into My Life, Getting Better, Good Morning Good Morning, Glass Onion, Good Night and Golden Slumbers.
      You could save The Girl I Knew Somewhere for the April 4, 2021 prompt of Goodbye/Farewell/So Long because it contains the lyrics “Well goodbye dear”.

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      1. Ok cool….that is why I asked. I didn’t know how that worked. I try to work Monkees songs in this when I can. I was going to do The Porpoise Song…but then again….that “The” is in the front.

        If I have time I’ll come up with something.

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