Jerry Christmas

Ho, ho, ho, I want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Grateful Dead New Year.  Besides ‘Run Rudolph Run’ the Grateful Dead and the Jerry Garcia Band did some other Christmas tunes, which I will feature today.  Jerry Garcia the legendary lead guitarist for the Grateful Dead and David Grisman, virtuoso mandolinist and founder of “Dawg” music performed the traditional English Carol ‘God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen’ as an instrumental.  The rare concert footage, of them playing in Old & In the Way is a bonus track on the Grateful Dawg DVD.

The Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band played ‘Christmas Time’s A Coming’ in 1987 which was written by Tex Logan.

On several occasions the Grateful Dead used ‘Jingle Bells’ as a tuning piece.   This was written by James Lord Pierpont in 1857 and it was originally called ‘One Horse Open Sleigh’.  The Jerry Garcia Band performed ‘Jingle Bells’ at San Francisco’s Winterland on December 20, 1975 with Nicky Hopkins on keyboards.

When the Grateful Dead played at Cotterrell Gym, Colgate U on 11-04-1977, they did an instrumental of ‘Sleigh Ride’ which was composed by Leroy Anderson

Here is a bonus from the Bob Rivers Twisted Christmas parody album which is titled O Come All Ye Grateful Dead-Heads’ that was released in 1988.

O come, all ye Grateful
Deadheads to the concert
O come, Grateful Deadheads
And camp in the street
Bring rolling papers
Don’t forget your sleeping bags
O come get us some floor seats
We’ve followed them for four weeks
O come get us some floor seats
To see the Lord

O come, all ye hippies
Throwbacks to the Sixties
Paint flowers on your van
And don’t wash your feet
Wear your bell-bottoms
And your tie-dye t-shirts
O come let us adore them
We’ve quit our day jobs for them
O come let us adore, them
Garcia’s the Lord

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie MM Music Challenge #172 ‘Last Christmas’.

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      1. No I just heard about it a few minutes ago. I live around 40 minutes from Nashville…in a small county and city. It’s a city called Ashland City…it’s tiny…like Mayberry really.

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      2. I hope they catch the person or group responsible. Luckily no one died. The police were evacuating apartments before it exploded.

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  1. I came to look in on the MLM Music Challenge and read your comments. Man. First, Merry Christmas to you Jim! Back to the comments: How can creatures (they can’t be human) be that evil? After this horrible year so far, to add that kind of action into the mix? Krampus is real, apparently. I’m glad no one was seriously injured! My God.

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  2. My mom used to buy underwear for my two brothers and socks for me and my sister for Christmas; I sure miss my little package with three pairs of brand new socks. Thank you for the nice story, and I hope you had a great Christmas, Jim!

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