Hypothesis of God

I wrote this 3 years ago for a Saturday Mix – Double Take prompt.  Pierre-Simon Laplace wrote many books and around 1802 a conversation supposedly took place between him and Napoleon Bonaparte.  On the question of the existence of god in the context of the new celestial mechanics models of the formation and operation of the universe, physicist Pierre Laplace said that he no longer needed the so-called hypothesis of god, as he referred to it, in the description of the mechanical operation of the universe.  Laplace illustrated how to calculate the eternal destiny of the solar system according to Newtonian natural law and reportedly told Napoleon, “God is unnecessary to keep the planets in their courses.”  There are, for better or worse, no scientific experiments that prove or disprove the existence of God.  If God exists, He is not part of the physical world that we can see.

In 1974, Billy Preston had a hit song with ‘Nothing From Nothing’, but a long time before that Parmenides argued the philosophical principle that nothing comes from nothing.  Parmenides felt that if the universe had a beginning, then it had to come from something; otherwise, it would have come from nothing, which is impossible, as there is no break in-between a world that did not exist and one that did.

God and Christmas

The holy name of God YHWH, was in the Hebrew language a word that was considered to be too sacred to be spoken by the Jews.  This word was too great or extreme to be expressed, or described in words, it was the Ineffable name, the Unutterable Name or the Distinctive Name of God and it was not to be used.  The four Jewish letters Yod, Heh, Vav and Heh were combined together to make this name, which corresponds to a world and a soul and stands for the four basic stages of the process of creation.  No one today knows exactly how this word is to be pronounced, but YHWH is probably pronounced as ‘Yahweh’.  The Hebrew language consists of 22 consonants (most Bibles list these consonants in Psalm 119 as subheads over every eight verses).  Vowel sounds are indicated by placing various dots or small lines around these consonants.  God gave this name to Himself when Moses inquired of His name.  God told Moses, “I am who I am”, but in most modern translations it is usually written as ‘LORD’ (in capital letters) and it has been improperly translated into ‘Jehovah’.

Holey Socks, Batman!  When I was young my parents wrapped gag presents (underwear and socks) and put them under the tree along with the real Christmas presents, because they thought it was funny seeing the disappointment on my face.  I knew it would happen every year and I always had to open up new underwear, which seemed like such a waste of time for me, as all I wanted was the good stuff.  I wish they were still around as I miss their presence and I could really use some new hosiery and a few new pairs of underwear this year, as that would be wholly appreciated.

Written for Fandango’s Friday Flashback.

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  1. Intriguing reading. And would you believe I’ve composed a post involving YHWH, GOD and God (and god), and caps… and considered, way early today, sending it into comments (in relation to a topic at Fandango’s blog)? Decided not to do so, but what a coincidence.

    It’s wonderful that you remember even not the favorite recollections of your parents and miss them.

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  2. Interesting post Jim.

    I believe in God. I am very sceptical of religious interpretation of God and the scriptures – I see a lot of bias and close-mindedness in some doctrines. I think religion has turned many people away from God.

    But we did not get here by accident, and if we were here in this universe without someone vastly superior above I don’t think I’d bother getting out of bed each day. I just trust he knows the best time to step into the mess people are making of this planet.

    When it comes to the name of God – I think not pronouncing his name is a perfect example of humans interpreting things wrongly. I know the Bible says not to defame his name and that we should pray for his name to be made holy. I see God as more of a title or a definition. When I pray, I actually use the Title “Father” because it feels right. From reading the Bible that’s what I got out of it – that he wants to be close to us.

    In England there are a lot of public buildings/structures which have those Jewish letters you mention. They have always held intertest to me. I have several Jewish friends who seem to know a lot about the history of the name of God. I have also heard them say that “Jehovah” would not be the way the Jews would have pronounced the divine name, however they also said that neither would the English pronunciation of “Jesus” have been used. His name would have sounded completely different. But we accept and use the name Jesus freely even though we know it was not his actual name.

    They seem to place more significance on the meaning of the divine name. It is a shame that religion has done so much to obscure the name, the identity, the personality of God. I think the clearing of his name may involve a time when we will all know what he wants to be known as and the personality he wants all to feel drawn to becoming more in focus.

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    1. The Bible is a wonderful book, but I think of it as mostly stories that were created so people can learn how to be good. My second book was about a fictitious step cousin of Jesus, so I have read many portions of the Bible. I was brought up as Catholic, but I no longer practice religion.


  3. Interesting discussion. Among others, this line got my attention: ” If God exists, He is not part of the physical world that we can see.” I tend to think of God in broad terms, manifesting in various ways to different people, and to see him/her/God most easily in creation. I know one could explain nature in terms of science, but the grandness of the design suggests an overall, benevolent intelligence to me. I have a friend who says “YHWH” with no vowels. It’s breathy like the wind. My parents wrapped everything – socks, chapstick…… important stuff to have!

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    1. Writing about God is always controversial, because there are so many people with different beliefs, but more people tend to believe in a God than not. I guess my parents wanted to use up all the wrapping paper, so they didn’t have to store it for next year so they wrapped up many things which I did not consider to be real presents, but they would always smile when I opened them up, even when I was disappointed.

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