Winter Eye Blues

This cold weather always makes my glaucoma worse.  Here in NYC, it can be sunny and 50 degrees one day, and the next day it’s snowing and 20 degrees and there is nothing worse than a cold winter rain.  This drastic change in temperature can cause pressure changes in my body that manifest their effect on my eyes.  I am forced to smoke a lot more weed when this happens, but this always seems to lower my eye pressure.  To make things worse, I tried to help this guy out and he gave me a shiner, in fact, he hit me so hard that I ended up with two black eyes.  He was involved in a fight and I heard that the cops were on their way, so I told him that this would be a good time for him to split, before he ended up getting arrested.  He said, “You don’t tell me nothing”, and then the next thing I knew, I was on the ground, as this guy had a punch like Mike Tyson.

Written for Devereaux Frazier and Beth Amanda’s Go Dog Go Café Midwest Fantasy Tuesday Writing Prompt – where we are supposed to write about black eyes and cold winter rain.

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