A Weekend Quickie

Rory has 6 Quickie Questions and I am always up for a quickie, as they provide a great way to become sexually satisfied by being very challenging and they are also really hot.

Why do they say “It’s not rocket science?”
This is said in Brain Surgery 101 and it is done to scare the students.

Do you feel that everyone has an artist in them?
No that is ridiculous.

Do you prefer writing during the day or the evening?
I have no preference, as I am always in the mood, but as long as I find the topic interesting.

Do you hoard clutter or constantly de-clutter?
I would like to think that I am orderly, as there is a place for everything and everything should be in its proper place eventually.

Are you a confident person?
I belief in my abilities and I try to maintain a sense of competence.

What is a hobby you wish you had more time to enjoy?

Written for Rory’s Quickie Questions.

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