Fairy Tale Related

1.Why is a Pantomime thus called?
This is so obvious, as they all wear tight pants which pinch their balls so they can’t talk.

2. Why was the White Rabbit late?
He had to work a second shift at McDonalds.

3. What happened when Aladdin rubbed the lamp for the first time?
There is obviously a masturbation joke in here someplace, but I decided not to go there.

4. How many ugly sisters were there?
IMH, they were all ugly.

5. What did Jack exchange for the magic beans? 
Jack left some magic farts in exchange for the beans.

6. Why do they always shout ‘It’s behind you!!’
Because that is the first rule in the scare tactic manual.

7. What was the house in the woods made of that Hansel and Gretel found?
Carcasses of dead varmints.

8. Who owned The Mirror Mirror on the wall?

9. What was the name of Dick Whittington’s cat?
Balls Whittington and he was a bit testy.

10. Who was Tinkerbell?
I am not sure who she is, but her ass is a fairy tale.

Written for Di’s Fibbing Friday.

9 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Related

  1. As to # 3 I did ‘went there” but only if one has a really filthy mind. There’s apparently something in the Fibbin’ water today. EVERYBODY is going off the “Rated G” ranch today… O_o (I did laugh at your answers btw…all of them)… Pinched balls? So that really does cause a reaction… hmmm

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