Close Encounters

They travel millions of miles to get here, and when they arrive on Earth, their first order of business is to probe the human rectum.  You would think that they could spent their time doing something more productive.  I wrote this multi-prompt post last year.

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Are alien anal probes used for shits and giggles, or are these extra-terrestrial beings just trying to get to the bottom of things?  Are these aliens from Uranus, or are they just using anal probes because they enjoy being around black holes?  Why do aliens find it necessary to explore human rectums, is this really part of being an explorer?  What is the actual purpose of this extraterrestrial excremental experimentation?  We can all agree that it is some type of exam and most times the abductee is put to sleep or otherwise disoriented, so it is not certain how long the duration of this procedure lasts.  Some people might consider this to be a perk, but I expect that most will look at this as an invasion.

You would think that since aliens have reached us, that they are infinitely technologically superior, so why do they carry these proctology instruments with them and why does this seem to be their first order of business after making such a long trip?  Did they do this to the ancient people who built the pyramids to make them work harder, or have them believe that they are Gods?  Is this their way of putting a stamp on their authority over people and make them taciturn, so they would follow orders and not ask any questions?  Is it just people that they are interested in, or would they perform an anal probing on a crocodile or a rambunctious reindeer?

Is there a hiatus at some time during the exam that allows the person to recover, or do they just continue the probing nonstop?  One abductee described their experience as if they were being penetrated by a Yule log and they said when it was over there were no Holiday treats.

Written for Fandango’s Friday Flashback.

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  1. Well thats a comical side to the overly personal invasion by who knows what who who’s where! I don’t ,know if aliens exist or if the probing is real but if it is my word those little grey guys love butts too much to fly all that way to find them!

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  2. I think the aliens probe human anuses because they are able to tell a lot about a human based upon the composition of the his or her excrement. Either that or the aliens are just human-shit crazy.

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