Entertaining Tonight

I am all ready for tonight when your boss and his wife come over and I even picked up some blocks for their toddler to play with, just in case they bring him along.  I will have the appetizers ready and I figured that we could enjoy some cocktails with them.  I know how much you enjoy Hors d’oeuvres, as you have never been known to turn down a snack.  Since your boss’s wife Maria is Spanish, I have put together a tray of tapas including shrimp, sliced cheese, crackers, pretzels, olives and nuts, nothing real fancy, but it should hold us all off till the main course.

I am so happy that all of the cleaning is done and you wouldn’t believe the hairballs of dust that came off of that bookshelf from all those books that you collect and I never see you reading any of them.  I found a dead cockroach up on the top shelf and I am still creeped out by it.  No, I won’t bring up the raise that I think you are so deserving of, but that won’t prevent me from talking about your accomplishments if the subject comes up, as I am proud of all the deals that you brought into the company.

I thought that the Madeira Portuguese wine would make a nice pairing for after dinner, becoming our aperitif or dessert wine and if they don’t enjoy that, then you can open up something else from your well stocked collection.  Since it is fortified with brandy, it is a high alcohol wine and we can offer them the extra bedroom to stay over just incase they are enjoying themselves too much.  Once we open the bottle of Madeira, it will only last about a month, but if we don’t finish it off. I can always use what is left when I am cooking something.

Written for Paula’s Tuesday Story 2 challenge.

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