What You See is What You Get

Is your blogging personality the same as your real-life personality?  If not, how is blogging you different from real you, and why?

I am basically the same person as can be seen in my blog, although there are some things about my life that I have never shared before.  For instance, did you know that I was down on my luck after being out of work for a while and when my unemployment benefits expired, I was evicted from my apartment.  I could have stayed at the shelter, but when I checked it out, it looked nasty, so I slept in my car for a while.  I drove to the 24-hour Walmart and stayed in the parking lot till the police kicked me out.  I could go in and use their facilities and get food and drinks to bring back to my car, but this girl that I had dated called the cops on me, telling them that she thought that I might commit suicide.  That was the last thing on my mind, but when the cops confronted me, they discovered that my insurance had expired and they told me to move on unless I wanted a ticket.

Another time I was once fired for sexual harassment, because this company had a zero-tolerance policy and this girl complained about me.  I had a pain in my leg and I called my doctor from work to make an appointment, but the nurse said that she could just call in a prescription for me and I could go to the pharmacy to pick it up with out a doctor’s visit.  I asked the nurse what the prescription was and she said that it was for mulva.  I recognized mulva from someplace and then it came to me that this word was used on the Jerry Seinfeld show.

Jerry was dating this attractive woman whose name he cannot seem to remember, although she told him that she was relentlessly teased about her name in school, because it rhymes with a part of the female anatomy.  Typical Seinfeld, he feels that it is too awkward given the amount of time that they have spent together to simply ask her.  Jerry and George try to work out all the possible candidates that her name could be, and George suggests Mulva, as that rhymes with vulva.  I thought this was a funny story, so I went around the office telling people about that Seinfeld episode.  This girl took offence and told me not to tell that story any more, but I told a few more people anyway.  She went to personal and I was fired on the spot.  The odd thig was that this girl used to tell me stories about her sleeping over her boyfriend’s house and waking up to discover that his dog was chewing on her panties and I felt that this was much more sexual than anything that I ever said.

Written for Blogging Insights #59 by Dr. Tanya, where this week she is concerned with your blogging persona.

15 thoughts on “What You See is What You Get

  1. “Is your blogging personality the same as your real-life personality?”

    I hope not. Otherwise, I am doomed.

    Personally, I think the girl in the office was simply exercising power for the sake of exercising power. Of course, she’s a hypocrite. Double standard. Her sexual banter is ok but yours is not. And the boss is either her close bud or is ragingly politically correct or is cringing in fear of a lawsuit. So rather than counseling you, they just up and fired you. Unless the girl was your boss – in which case you are an idiot.

    Her hypocrisy and their knee jerk response are more offensive than anything you did. But you are not Seinfeld with a critically acclaimed TV show so you get the short straw. Even though I hate to see hypocrisy rewarded, you are probably better off not working there and getting fired is likely a good thing.

    Count yourself lucky nobody launched a campaign to “cancel” you.

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  2. I would been tempted to trade her story as an example of why she should be sacked, quid pro quo. To the question, I like to think I’m the same person, but I’m much more polite online.

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  3. I’m pretty much the same person…but I’m quieter…if I’m engaged in conversation I will talk but I’m open about myself on and off the blog.

    Political Correctness… She did it because she could…

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