Don’t Forget To

I picked up a side job, house sitting for my neighbor, as she heard about the impending hurricane and she said she was bugging out.  She wrote down all of her instructions for me and then she went around her house explaining everything.  She has a cat called Dixie and she told me that Dixie gets fed twice a day and that I must make dure that she has fresh water and treats and she showed me how to clean her litter box.  She showed me her emergency radio and the candles which she kept on her patio in her screened-in lanai and she said that the radio would give me alerts on how bad the storm was going to get.

At the first sign of a storm, I was to take her radio back inside of her house and also bring in her plant.  Pretty simple, feed the cat and water the plant and call her if there were any problems.  I am only getting paid $15 a day, but this is a cake job.  She was going to head north and west to her sister’s house to ride it out and then she would return.  She showed me the alarm system and handed me the key and before she left, she said, “Don’t forget to sing to my plant when you are watering it”, but there is no way in hell that is happening.

Written for Sadje at Keep It Alive What Do You See? Picture prompt Image credit Shche – Team @ Unsplash.

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