Delta Dawn – Challenge #171

You have definitely heard this song before, and I bet that you love it, although it may become stuck inside your head for the rest of the day. It is a sad-pop stomper of a desolate hymn that was sung by a little girl whose father Bo brought her to Nashville, and no one knew what to do with Tanya because she was blessed with a woman’s voice. She was already a show business veteran and she loved to sing and would tell anyone who would listen that she was going to be a big singing star, although her first voyage into the professional world of entertainment found her filling a small role in the Robert Redford movie Jeremiah Johnson. Stop by today and contribute a story, or a poem. Or some music and even if you don’t have anything to offer, stop by anyway and listen to some music and check out what others have offered up.

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‘Delta Dawn’ was written by former child rockabilly star Larry Collins who sang in a duo with his sister Lorrie, along with country performer and songwriter Alex Harvey in 1972.  Tanya Tucker had her first hit with ‘Delta Dawn’, in 1972 at the age of 13, getting to #6 on the country charts and reaching #72 on pop.  The first major performer to take note of the tune was Bette Midler.  She was so moved by the song’s passion that she performed it several times on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show, and producer and songwriter Billy Sherrill picked the song for Tucker’s Columbia Records debut album after he saw Midler perform it.  Barbra Streisand showed interest in ‘Delta Dawn’, but she dropped it after finding out that Midler had already cut it.  Helen Ready had a #1 hit with this song in 1973 and it came out two days before…

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