All I Want for Christmas

This is not a letter to Santa, as this is meant for the team of WordPress Happiness Engineers who from what I have heard are helpful individuals.  I would like you to pitch in and lend a hand to a wonderful blogger named Fandango, yes that guy with the paper bag over his head.  He is a very decent guy and he hosts a bunch of challenges to keep other bloggers busy and that is not an easy task.  He blogs on his iphone and one of your recent software updates has caused him a lot of trouble.  I am sure that you know all about this because he has written several post alerting everyone that he has contacted you and that you promised to work on this issue.  Please give him the assistance that he needs to remain the awesome guy that he already is.  If you can resolve this problem for him. I am sure that you will be the one Who Won The Week.

Written for Reena’s Exploration Challenge #165 – photo prompt Hands.

11 thoughts on “All I Want for Christmas

  1. I’ve had two problems in the past 2 months…I chatted with them and have yet to get a real fix…they try a work around but not a real fix.

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