7 thoughts on “Stand Up to the Bully

  1. simple and to the point, your message. I applaud the few like Mitt Romney who’ve stood up for what’s right and told him to sit down, but shake my head in disbelief at the McConnells and others who parrot his lies and ask for the election to be nullified just because it didn’t play out like they wanted. I think Joe Biden’s biggest dilemma will be deciding what to do with Donald & Co after Jan. 20. There seems a lot of evidence that the IRS and others should be investigating him for things like tax fraud and potentially even things in the family of treason (for going to court to prevent election results from counting) but the Q is, is it worth doing or will it just rile up his faithful more and prevent things from getting done?

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    1. Thanks for your wonderful response Dave. Trump raised more than $207.5 million in donations for his Save America PAC by making false election claims and the fundraising effort shows that he is the leader of the Republican Party and Republicans like McConnell and others will always be his lapdogs. Trump is under investigation for insurance fraud, criminal tax evasion, grand larceny, and a scheme to defraud and holding the office of the Presidency is what is keeping him from prison. As soon as he becomes a private citizen, Trump will be stripped of the legal protection and the only way to restore the rule of law is for him to be prosecuted.

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