Must Be Dealt With

The US needs a stimulus deal, and this must be done before the legislators go on vacation again, as they will not be in session after December 18th.  Unless Congress acts soon, millions of Americans will face eviction, a loss of unemployment benefits, or both.  The U.S. economy is recovering but there’s still a long way to go before it comes back to even and there is a big difference between Wall Street and Main Street, as Main Street describes the average American investors, small independent businesses and investment institutions, or the real economy.  Many Americans were in a precarious financial position even before the pandemic hit, living from paycheck to paycheck with no emergency savings and due to the pandemic, many Americans are now out of work.

People must continue social distancing and wearing masks and when the vaccine is available people must get it.  There is good news on the horizon, but we have to remain diligent and do the right things so life can eventually return to normal.  These new vaccines will not be like the Tuskegee experiments, as they are coming with unprecedented levels of transparency and we need to trust them, to finally put an end to this situation that we are in.

America has never been this divided before and American politics have become one ugly mess, with no clear solution.  The poisonous effects of partisanship are making us either Red Americans, or Blue Americans and there does not seem to be any middle ground.  The two major parties are split on so many issues and this is causing explosive fights and irreconcilable conflicts which are paving the way so that nothing ever gets accomplished.  This polarization between the two camps is creating turmoil in the United States and the deep differences are not getting closer to any solution.  Fear of Trump got out the Democratic vote out, and Biden won the recent election, but Trump lives in his own reality and he will continue to deny that he lost.

Written for Fandango’s Provocative Question #99 which asks, “What do you think are the three most pressing issues facing us today?”

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  1. Excellent observations, Jim. But, because, as you noted, America has never been this divided before, the necessary steps are unlikely to happen. According to an NPR survey, only 24% of Republicans believe that Biden won the election, while 95% of Democrats believe Biden won. How can we possibly move forward from that?

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