Just to Belittle You

The statement today is, “People only bring up your past when they are intimidated by you present”, which just doesn’t read right with me.  Those three words together “by you present” are God awful English and I get that some people actually talk that way, because this phrase is all over Pinterest, but it does not work for me.  Before I say something, I try to sound it out and this phrase should not fly.  You have to be able to distinguish the meaning of the words that you use and not just spout things out of your mouth.  I think it should be “intimidated by your presence”, or “intimidated by you in the present”.  Anyways, I understand the meaning behind this saying, which to me would be said by an insecure close-minded person that wants to hurt you and they do this by attacking something that is in your past.

These a-holes will use something personally that you have probably told them in confidence that will embarrass you and hit you where it hurts.  They may be envious of you and since we all make mistakes and have regrets, they should be offering their forgiveness, instead of trying to slander you.  Most of us have embarrassing moments or chapters of our lives that we’re not particularly proud of and we all have moments that we would like to take back.  The last thing we need is someone publicly broadcasting or going on about our worst possible moments.  These stupid, irritating, contemptible people will seize on these moments from your past, continually attacking you because they don’t have their own lives to live, which is just sad.  Everyone is constantly changing and evolving as a person, and since your past is done and over, they should let it go.

Written for Stine Writing – Poetry, Positivity, and Connecting!, Simply 6 Minutes Challenge #20 hosted by Christine Bialczak.

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  1. Jim, very well said! I know a few people who think it is “funny” to bring up those embarrassing times. It is cruel and does show a lack of feeling. Thank you for participating and I agree the grammar is a bit off. I do like the message though.

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