Mr. Green Jeans

Captain Kangaroo wasn’t really a Captain and his name wasn’t Kangaroo, but Mr. Green Jeans did wear green overalls.  Research has shown that it’s possible for your genes to make you immune to an infectious disease.  Some of the new Covid-19 vaccines will be mRNA vaccines, (Messenger RNA is a single-stranded RNA molecule that is complementary to one of the DNA strands of a gene) which contains material from the virus that causes COVID-19.  A coronavirus enters into the lung and possibly other respiratory track cells by attaching through to them via its spike protein, which scientists have just mapped.  Once inside, the viral RNA becomes part of the host cell’s protein production machinery, and produces new copies of viral proteins and RNA which then assemble into thousands of new viruses to spread the disease.  The mRNA vaccine will give our cells instructions for how to make a harmless protein that is unique to the virus.  After our cells make copies of the protein, they destroy the genetic material from the vaccine.

A fleck is an extremely small and fine flake, a small patch that is different and stands out from the background, and dust is grouped as being flecks, and no matter what you do, you just can’t get rid of all of them flecks.  A speck on the other hand. is a tiny spot, but it is countable and freckles would be considered as specks, but since they often fade or disappear over time and also you may grow new ones, they could be very difficult to count.  Flexible meaning bendable coming from the Latin word meaning to bend, however flex is nowadays really only used with muscles, and to flex one’s muscles does not really mean to bend one’s muscles.  It is a good idea to “Bend and stretch, Reach for the stars.  There goes Jupiter, Here comes Mars.  Bend and stretch, Reach for the sky.  Stand on tip-e-toes, Oh so high!”

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Saturday Mix – Double Take hosted by weejars aka Sarah where she asks us to use the homophones gene – chromosome, jean – cotton twill and flecks – many tiny specks, flex – to bend.

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