Love It Or

People have been making lists since the beginning of recorded history and I think it was a fellow named Schindler who created the first list, but I could be wrong, because I never saw the movie.  I would bet that most people will list 2020 as being the worst year ever, although it was not the worst year in my life.  Santa has a list which he checks twice and Saint Peter stands at the Pearly Gates with his list to see who will be let into heaven.  It would be nice to have my name on either one of these lists.  People like to be organized and that is why we create lists.  If you go shopping without a list, you are likely to buy things that you don’t really need, or forget to buy the stuff that you actually do need.  Sometimes I wing it and I put things in my cart that look good, but the supermarket is only a mile away, so I can always go back.  In ‘Touch of Grey’ Garcia sang, “I see you got your list out; say your piece and get out”, I guess because he knew that he was going to get reprimanded, but he really didn’t want to hear it.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is “list”.

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    1. I feel bad for taking your time up on the Blu-ray issue and I am just going to buy a dedicated one, so there is no need for you to involve yourself in this issue any more. I never had a Blu-ray player before, so when I saw that I had the option to get an Optical Drive Tray Load BDRE Drive (Reads and Writes to Blu-Ray disks) with my new computer, I went for it. It plays regular CDs, and that will have to be enough for me.

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      1. I agree having one would be better but… .I can’t help it Jim…when I have a problem…I want to solve it. It will play cds just fine right? It’s only blurays.

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