Impossible to Ignore

Everybody is doing it, doing it, picking their nose and chewing it (no that is disgusting) and almost as bad as the snottite, also called the snoticle, which is a microbial mat of single-celled extremophilic bacteria that hang from the walls and ceilings of caves and are similar to small stalactites, but have the consistency of nasal mucus.  What I am referring to is Rory’s December 2020 game called 12 Bloggerz!, as most of the bloggers that I follow are doing it.  Rory asks 12 questions and we are supposed to answer them, so let’s get started.

1. When not specifically following ‘set’ directions everyone has a favorite direction they prefer to walk in – which is yours left or right and why do you think you always want to go that direction first?
As Robert Hunter wrote in Box of Rain, I am still hoping that maybe I’ll find direction around some corner where it’s been waiting to meet me.

2. What’s the creepiest thing that has ever happened to you – irrelevant to your personal beliefs – just something that creeped you out – and yet you simply couldn’t explain it?
When I dropped acid at work, this ink came out of my magic marker and did all of my work for me.

4. Who are your top five actors/actresses and what is special about them to you?
Robert De Niro, George Clooney, Shirley MacLaine, Anthony Hopkins and Glenn Close.

4. Which prompts do you participate in weekly with your blog – please list?
I am the host of two prompts, Song Lyric Sunday and the MM Music Challenge, so I always participate in them.  I used to do a lot more of the prompt challenges, but lately I have been slacking off.  Every week I participate in Linda Hill’s One Line Wednesday and her Stream of Consciousness Saturday.  I also make it a point to write in Paula’s Thursday Inspiration.  Lately I have been writing in Christine’s Simply 6 Minutes, Fandango’s Provocative Question. Dr. Tanya’s Blogging Insights, Melanie’s Share Your World, Reena’s Exploration Challenge and Di or Frank’s Fibbing Friday.

5. Have you taken the 16 Personalities Test and if so – what Personality Type are you and how accurate is it to you?
Logician INTP-A

6. Are you easily embarrassed – when was the last time for you?
No, but I did get embarrassed when I was body surfing and the waved pulled my bathing suit off while I was riding them to the shore.

7. Has anything shocked you in the last 6 weeks to the point where you have gasped out aloud – if so what was it and if not, then when was the last time you were terribly shocked by something?
After living with Trump as the president for almost 4 years now, I am not easily shocked.

8. If you have one, what is your signature dish and if you don’t have one what would you love to be able to cook wonderfully well?

9. Strangest or wildest place you ever had the most amazing sex in or on maybe, even around …….?
On the tenth tee area at a country club, the ground was wet so the girl I was with rode on top.

10. Why is it healthy to flirt with people you have no intention of doing the naughty with and how often do you flirt with people you know or even don’t know?
It never hurts to practice and I have always been a flirt.

11. Can you list 9 things that you can ride in, on or with?
I am sure that is possible.  I could ride with my friends if I had any, I could ride with a dog that is sticking their head out the window to catch a breeze, I could ride with Charon the ferryman of Hades to get across the River Styx, or I could jump out of a perfectly good plane and ride in a parachute, I could ride inside the belly of a whale, I could ride on your horses, I could ride in an Uber, if I met up with the Allman Brothers and I had one more silver dollar then I could be the Midnight Rider, or I could let me money ride and try to double my gain.

12. Are you on Santa’s Naughty or Good list and if you are – what have you asked for from either?
I haven’t seen which list I am on, but I could use a new pair of slippers.

Written for Rory’s 12 Bloggerz!

15 thoughts on “Impossible to Ignore

  1. Who are your top five actors/actresses and what is special about them to you?
    Clara Bow, Drew Barrymore, Buster Keaton, Chaplin, and Orson Welles.

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  2. Who are your top five actors/actresses and what is special about them to you? –
    Robert De Niro (snap!), Clint Eastwood, Samuel L. Jackson, Glenda Jackson, Ewen McGregor.

    If you have one, what is your signature dish and if you don’t have one what would you love to be able to cook wonderfully well? – I wish my mother handed down her meat & veg pie (turnip & tiddy pie) recipe to me instead of my three sisters.

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  3. Interesting answers Jim! We’re the ‘same” personality type oddly enough…I was boggled by that result personally. Your adventures via golf courses and holes in one sound a bit too moist for my own taste (hey! not only men can deal in double entendre you know!) 😉

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