Today’s Questions

Why did you choose your particular blog title? Was there a reason behind it or was it just a random choice?
I was looking for a blog title that was unique and which would fit me so I chose to be A Unique Title For Me.

Do you think that a catchy, “click bait type” title does better or is a blog name that indicates the general purpose of the site more attractive for readers?
For some people a clickbait name will attract attention and entice users to follow them and for others this might work differently, only time will tell.

Some bloggers have the same user name and blog title? What is your opinion of this? OR Are you one of them? If so, could you share your reason for this?
My user name is NewEpicAuthor and I picked that because I wrote three very long books which were never published.

Written for Blogging Insights #57 by Dr. Tanya where this week she is concerned with Blog Titles.

8 thoughts on “Today’s Questions

      1. No, the problem has not yet been fixed. But for blogs that have “” in the blog address, as yours does, it’s not a problem. The problem is with WordPress blogs that don’t have “” in the address, like mine. I hope WordPress can fix it soon.

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  1. I always struggle with choosing the right handle. I used to go for my name but when I got inactive, I told myself that when I get back to blogging, it I will find my niche and take it from there—- my blog title is yet another failed attempt to box my blog into a niche

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