Car Insurance Options

My car insurance will expire in the middle of December and I guess if I look around, I could get a better deal and save some money.  I am a AAA member, not the alcoholic thing, the American Automobile Association and they have some deals with certain insurance companies and I am also a member of AARP the American Association of Retired Persons who also alerts me of deals on insurance.  Even though I have several options, I would need to go through all the trouble of entering my information on different websites and that would open me up for a ton of Spam email.

The biggest option to consider when you get car insurance is whether or not to get collision coverage, which adds greatly to the cost.  There is a rule of thumb that says if your car is over 8 years old, then it might be time to consider dropping collision.  If you have a new car, or if you are still making payments on it, then you have to have collision coverage.  If you have collision coverage and you go on a trip and you rent a car, then your coverage should apply toward your rental and you will just pay the regular rate.  If you don’t have the collision coverage, this is where the car rental companies will charge you more.  My car is a 2012, and I own it outright, so I went without collision on it.

I logged onto the AARP site and ended up saving $150 a year on my insurance.  People say that the quickest way to get a raise is to change jobs and the same thing works for insurance, as if you think that you are paying too much, then look around for some cheaper rates.  Some of the questions are ridiculous, as why do insurance companies need to know your credit score.  Change can be good, as if nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is “opt”.

20 thoughts on “Car Insurance Options

  1. We alternate with principle driver and secondary to keep both of our No Claims Bonus valid as if it lapses after 2 year, we’d lose it. Our insurance was less than £200 again this year, with protected no claims, fully comprehensive and legal assistance for a claim if required. We have looked at alternative quotes and you have to watch the small print as you might not be getting the same deal.
    Great song……….. and a fabulous butterfly! It’s huge!!!

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  2. I was in a Motability scheme where I could get a brand new car every three years. The insurance was paid through the scheme and it meant that instead of paying disability allowance to me, it was going through the scheme as payment for the car. All I had to do was pay for the fuel.
    I had to stop driving though about three years ago but it was a really good scheme.

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  3. I think if you go without an accident for 5 years they should give you a lot back…I know some give some but with the interest they make off of us…it should be more….sorry but I get pissed at insurance agencies.

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      1. Jim I probably can’t join tonight but just to clear it up…I know what the prompt is but can it be just in the lyrics or does it have to be in the title?

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