Not a Sex Toy

Marty Balin of Jefferson Airplane wrote ‘Plastic Fantastic Lover’ as an ode to his new stereo system, which was a novelty item at the time.  In this song Marty sings about the psychedelic prescience concerning the overwhelming effects that technology and electronic media were having on him and it came out on their Surrealistic Pillow album.  I know that I already did a Song Lyric Sunday post today, but since Fandango contributed the song ‘Imaginary Lover’ by the Atlanta Rhythm Section and Melanie gave us Dream Lover’ by Bobby Darin, I decided to go with this.  Jefferson Airplane performed this song at Woodstock, but a lot of people may have been sleeping when it came on so early in the morning.  In the 1967 film The Graduate Dustin Hoffman is given advice about plastics, even though they were around since 1898, but they started getting really popular in the 1960s when it was being used in a lot of consumer goods.

Her neon mouth with a bleeding talk smile
Is nothing but electric sign
You could say she has an individual style
She’s a part of a colorful time

Super-sealed lady, chrome-color clothes
You wear ‘cause you have no other
But I suppose no one knows
You’re my plastic fantastic lover

Your rattlin’ cough never shuts off
Is nothing but a used machine
Your aluminum finish, slightly diminished
Is the best I’ve ever seen

Cosmetic baby, plug into me
And never, ever find another
And I realize no one’s wise
To my plastic fantastic lover

The electrical dust is starting to rust
Her trapezoid thermometer taste
All the red tape is mechanical rape
Of the TV program waste

Data control and I.B.M.
Science is mankind’s brother
But all I see is draining me
On my plastic fantastic lover

Written for Song Lyric Sunday where the prompt is Fiancé/Husband/Lover/Wife.

12 thoughts on “Not a Sex Toy

  1. I loved their sound…I liked it better than Jefferson Starship but I did like Marty’s ballads…but Starship I have no love for.
    This one is good…never heard this one.

    Liked by 1 person

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