In the Fridge

I had a dream that I was swimming in a lake of ketchup.  When I woke up this morning and I had loving on my mind.  I called out for Lucille, but she was nowhere in sight.  I asked my friends about her, but all their lips were closed tight.  I felt around for my shoes and headed to the kitchen to whip up some breakfast.  I poured myself some coffee, started yawning and stretching out, till I finally came to life.  I knew it was Saturday, so this means the full breakfast today, a lot more than just toast and coffee.  I started frying up some sausage patties and I made a ham and cheese omelette.

Since I retired the days have a tendency to blend together as I can stay up as late as I want and also sleep as late as I like.  When I worked, I always looked forward to a big breakfast on the weekends, because those were the only days that I had time for that.  After retiring I kept up the big breakfast on weekends tradition and it helps me to keep better track on what day is it anyway.  I look forward to weekends.

I took out a package of four sausages and fried them up in a pan.  I sliced my asiago cheese bagel and put it in the toaster.  I got the spatula out, ripped off a section of aluminum foil to cover the pan and took out the extra sharp shredded cheddar cheese.  I took three slices of Boars Head honey ham and sliced them up and put them in the pan after my sausages were done.  I put two of the sausages in a container and they went into the refrigerator for tomorrows breakfast.  I stirred the ham and buttered my bagel.  I usually use jumbo eggs that need to be beaten for the omelette, but today I had liquid eggs, which saves a lot of steps.  I poured my liquid eggs over the ham and then I sprinkled on the cheese and covered the pan.

It may have been a bit more than a sprinkle, as my motto is that you can never have too much cheese on anything, the same goes with bacon, but I was passing on that this morning, since I already had sausage and ham.  As the cooking time expired, my omelette was ready and I scooped it on to my plate.  I usually like to have some of those cherry tomatoes in my omelette, but I had forgot to buy them, so I put some ketchup on top and went to watch TV and enjoy my meal.

Everything tasted yummy, but on the news, there was a report about all of these people who were suffering from tough times because of the pandemic and they were in a parking lot waiting for free food for their Thanksgiving dinner.  This made me feel guilty for eating such a big breakfast and there are always problems, so I finished my breakfast.  I was supposed to write about the last thing that I put back in the fridge and that was the ketchup.  I made up that part about Lucille, because I didn’t think that anyone wanted to read about my boring breakfast.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is “the last thing that you put in the fridge.”

16 thoughts on “In the Fridge

  1. I can relate to post retirement days running together (I have two wall calendars in addition to my phone and laptop) and staying up late. I think I’d stay up til 3am and sleep til 10 if my husband was not a morning person and I try to have breakfast with him by 9. It’s nice to have something to make weekends special now that we’ve retired. Naps come to mind.

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    1. I know what you mean as a lot of people are suffering in these uncertain economic times, but I put a lot of work into making that breakfast, so I wasn’t going to let the news spoil it.


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